Helping Hands Program

Helping Hands is a program of opportunities for adults to be in service to the Appalachia Service Project at times and in ways beyond the traditional volunteer experience. Helping Hands volunteers may serve during the summer Youth Program; during the Year Round Program; with our Tri-Cities Program; or at our headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee. All assignments will be made based on the current need at the time Helping Hands are available.

Mentor New Groups 

You can serve as a mentor for new groups, working closely with the contact person. Ideally, you'd check in with them during their pre-trip preparation and join them during their time of service. If you aren't able to do both, you could simply help with pre-trip preparation or just plan to join them for their time of service. For Helping Hands volunteers who do help the group during their week of service, you'd either join a work crew or serve as a Floating Volunteer, who could be available to help all groups at the center that week.

End of Summer General Construction Support

Summer staffers are not covered by worker's comp to do construction work themselves, and there are times when the last volunteer crew is unable to finish a project. You can come as an individual or bring a few friends to help wrap up projects during the final week of the summer.

Skilled Trade Support

We always have a need for licensed plumbers, licensed electricians, and contractors. Our Home Repair Coordinator will work with you to assess how your skills could best be matched with the needs of our program.

General Administrative Support

Volunteers from the Tri-Cities area can serve ASP by providing administrative assistance at our headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee. Tasks may include answering the phone, making photocopies, helping with mailings, data entry, etc. We also occasionally have need for administrative help at our centers.

There will be no charge for Helping Hands volunteers to participate with ASP, however, volunteers may make a donation to the program. ASP reserves the right to refuse participation as well as terminate participation.

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