About ASP: Staff Directory

Executive Leadership Team

Walter Crouch, President/CEO  423.854.4420
    Charles Oberweiser, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Ministry Assessment  423.854.4430
    Hart Teague, Executive Assistant/Corporate Secretary  423.854.8800

Melisa Miller, Chief Ministries Officer and Executive Vice President  423.854.4415
Greg DeGennaro, Chief Financial Officer  423.854.4404
Tim Norton, Chief Advancement Officer  770.778.1494  cell/text

Abraham McIntyre, Chief Volunteer Officer  423.430.7406 cell/text


Susan Miller, Director of Accounting 423.854.4400
June Goss, Account Manager  423.854.4402
Debbie Worrell, Account Manager  423.854.4401

Kay Soyars, Accounting Consultant  423.854.4403
Brenda Davis, Accounting Assistant  423.854.4402


Lyssa Perry, Director of Philanthropy  423.854.4422
    Flossie McCaffrey, Administrative Assistant, Advancement  423.854.4411
    Sheryl Hartley, Relationship Manager 423.854.4425
Steve Tomick, Director of Development  423.431.8895

Margie White, Assistant Director of Advancement  423.943.5067


Karen Frederick, Director of Volunteers  423.854.4434
    Sarah Dingus, Volunteer Specialist--Summer Program  423.854.4405
    Julie Knoblock, Volunteer Assistant--Year-Round Program  423.854.4407
Rachel Robertson, Assistant to Volunteer Recruitment  423.854.4423


Marie Coffman, Ministries Assistant  423.854.8800
Nicole Intagliata, Director of Staff Resources  847.436.0102
    Rachel Drummond, Program Manager--Recruitment & Hiring  423.854.4426
Wayne Rickert, Director of Field Operations 423.854.4416
    Paige Campbell Johns, Program Manager--Summer/Youth Program  423.833.6223
    Laura Kelly, Program Manager--Summer/Youth Program  203.947.3343
    Adam Bean, Program Manager--Summer/Youth Program  423.433.9251
Tom Kendall, Construction Resources Consultant  423.854.4416
Dennis Burley, Home Repair Coordinator / Safety & Quality Assurance Officer  423.943.6483
Tim Bomgardner, Director of Spiritual Programs  423.444.9177
Will Crumley, Tri-Cities Center Supervisor  865.978.1599


Carl Cunningham, Fleet Systems Technician  423.854.4410
Gail Pond, Human Resources Coordinator  423.854.4412
Skip Jones, Information Technology Manager  423.854.4424

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Appalachia Service Project (ASP) provides life-changing short-term Christian mission trip opportunities --
bringing youth, adult, and college volunteers into rural Central Appalachia to make homes warmer, safer, and drier for families in need.
So come on and join us! You'll raise roofs. Fix floors. And build a whole new you!


Appalachia Service Project • 4523 Bristol Highway • Johnson City, TN 37601 • (800) 289-4254 • Info@BuildANewYou.org

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