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Spread hope, spread inspiration, spread the word

Sharing your ASP experience is almost as exciting as living it -- and just as important. Your family and friends will want to share your excitement. Your church will want to see the results of their support. And, your community needs to know the amazing things that are being done by their citizens and neighbors.

Most important, you need to spread the word about your ASP experience because it will inspire others to volunteer. Every year ASP has to turn away 4 out of 5 families who come to us for help simply because we don't have enough volunteers. Your endorsement can make a huge difference in how may more families are helped in the years to come.

A few ideas to get you started

  • Host an ASP Sunday at your church, and show photos and videos, and share stories of how you were impacted
  • Invite someone in your community who hasn't heard of ASP so they can catch the excitement
  • Duplicate Evening Gatherings from your trip with your church
  • Email your ASP story to friends and family who have never served with ASP. Invite them to get involved, and link to BuildANewYou.org. BONUS POINTS: Upload your photos and include a link in the email
  • Make ASP your Birthday Cause on Facebook
  • Click the Bookmark link at the top of any page to post it to your favorite social media profile

However you choose to do it, spreading the word about ASP will help you grow from your experience, move others to share it, and provide hope and help for many, many more deserving families.

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Appalachia Service Project (ASP) provides life-changing short-term Christian mission trip opportunities --
bringing youth, adult, and college volunteers into rural Central Appalachia to make homes warmer, safer, and drier for families in need.
So come on and join us! You'll raise roofs. Fix floors. And build a whole new you!


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