Rebuilding Rainelle


I am pleased to announce Rebuilding Rainelle, Appalachia Service Project’s long term recovery effort to help rebuild the community of Rainelle, West Virginia, the epicenter of June’s deadly flood. ASP has served in Rainelle the last two summers, developing strong relationships with many families in the community. Some of these families have lost everything.

The flood, one of the worst in state history, destroyed over 1,000 homes statewide and 23 people lost their lives. Rainelle was devastated, including 90% of the homes near the downtown area. Five people in Rainelle did not survive. With initial relief efforts coming to an end, many of Rainelle’s low-income homeowners are unable to rebuild their homes, having no insurance, unable to qualify for emergency loans and having few, if any, personal resources. These families are the target of ASP’s longer term recovery efforts through Rebuilding Rainelle.

Rebuilding Rainelle will bring volunteer and financial resources together to build new homes and perform major rehab on homes that are repairable. Working alongside the Mayor of Rainelle and other community leaders, we have identified as many as 50 homes that will need to be replaced and countless others that will need to be repaired.


We are now accepting group volunteer registrations for service beginning September 18. Volunteer groups will stay in a church or other facility, similar to our summer program housing arrangements. The cost is $20/day for food and utilities. All other costs associated with Rebuilding Rainelle…materials, staff, ministry overhead…are being raised through individual donors, churches, and foundations. Initially, a higher concentration of volunteers with construction skills is needed and we hope volunteers with all skill levels will join us in the response.



We are also asking the ASP family to help us fund this work through their goodwill donations. Most repairs are going to be extensive and costly. The new homes we are building and the repairs will be provided at no direct cost to the homeowner. You, your church, your friends, your school, your employer or your group can help by making a contribution to ASP’s Rebuilding Rainelle Fund. Any amount will be appreciated. Your gift can be designated to go towards building replacement homes, home repairs, or where needed most.



Partner with ASP to Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a home. Each three bedroom, one bathroom, energy-efficient home built for a family whose home is beyond reasonable repair will require a $20,000 Sponsorship. That Sponsorship will be matched with other funding to make each home possible. Co-Sponsorships of $10,000 and $5,000 can be combined with others to total the $20,000 needed for each home. Donations of any amount are appreciated and will be aggregated with other funds to underwrite a home.


The ASP family spreads across this country from California to Maine and is tens of thousands strong. Will you join me in praying for the people of Rainelle? And, if we focus our resources of volunteer labor and financial contributions, we can rebuild a town that desperately needs our help. Will you help ASP be the hands and feet of Christ in Rainelle?

Thank you for your love of the people of Central Appalachia and ASP!

Walter B. Crouch