Knox County Center


Email: gro.e1544832236mohps1544832236a@xon1544832236KYK1544832236

Physical Address:  Union College Athletic Building – 310 College Street Barbourville, KY 40906  (map)


Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: We use classrooms on the upper floor of the athletic building and the upper level of the gymnasium. There is not air conditioning in the gym but they do have very large fans to move air. You will need to bring air mattresses or cots, sleeping bags, and pillows.


Cafeteria/Kitchens: We use the Knox Middle cafeteria and kitchen. It is a small walk from the athletic building.


Showers: Divided showers are available in the building beside the athletic facility.


Recreation Space: There is green space all around the facility and college campus that can be used for recreation and evening gatherings.


Closest Medical Facility: Knox County Hospital: 80 Hospital Dr. Barbourville, KY 40906


About the Community

One-page fact sheet on the county


History of ASP in the County: Knox County was the first ASP county we served. Union College was the first facility ASP used to house volunteers.


Population: 31,790


Terrain: Mountainous


County Seat: Barbourville, KY


Major Employers: Coal Mining


Per Capita Income: 15,013


Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 34.7%


Interesting Facts: Knox County is named for the first US Secretary of War. Barbourville has a Civil War history in the Battle of Barbourville where 800 Confederate and 300 Union soldiers fought.

Tourism: Barbourville, KY Tourism