Lawrence County KY Center


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Physical Address:  Trinity Christian Academy, 409 Pike St. Louisa, KY 41230  (map)


Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: Air conditioned facility. You will sleep in classrooms. You will need to bring an air mattress or cot, pillows and sleeping bags. Please keep air mattress size to twin when possible, space can be tight.

Cafeteria/Kitchens: School cafeteria and kitchen.

Showers: ASP-built outdoor showers next to the school.

Recreation Space: There is plenty of parking-lot space and occasional access to the church gym.

Closest Medical Facility: Three Rivers Medical Center, 2483 Highway 644, Louisa KY 41230


About the Community

History of ASP in the County: ASP was first in Lawrence County in 2012.

Population: 15,863

Terrain: Mountainous

County Seat: Louisa, KY

Major Employers: Food Distribution Service, Lawrence County Schools, other retail

Per Capita Income: $18,890

Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 25%

Interesting Facts: There is a unique bridge as you enter Louisa from West Virginia that spans two merging rivers, is about 1/4 mile long, and has a stoplight and a left turn at the halfway point.