Lawrence County KY Center


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Physical Address:  Trinity Christian Academy, 409 Pike St. Louisa, KY 41230  (map)


Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: Air conditioned facility. You will sleep in classrooms. You will need to bring an air mattress or cot, pillows and sleeping bags.

Cafeteria/Kitchens: School cafeteria and kitchen.

Showers: ASP-built outdoor showers next to the school.

Recreation Space: There is plenty of parking-lot space and occasional access to the church gym.

Closest Medical Facility: Three Rivers Medical Center, 2483 Highway 644, Louisa KY 41230


About the Community

History of ASP in the County: ASP was first in Lawrence County in 2012.


Population: 15,863


Terrain: Mountainous


County Seat: Louisa, KY


Major Employers: Food Distribution Service, Lawrence County Schools, other retail


Per Capita Income: $18,890


Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 25%


Interesting Facts: There is a unique bridge as you enter Louisa from West Virginia that spans two merging rivers, is about 1/4 mile long, and has a stoplight and a left turn at the halfway point.