Scott County, TN Center

Phone: 423-609-5418

Email: gro.e1593976508mohps1593976508a@tto1593976508csnt1593976508

Physical Address: Winfield Elementary School, 23366 Scott Highway, Winfield, TN 37892 (Map)

Mailing Address: ASP Scott County, General Delivery, Winfield, TN 37892


We are so excited for you to meet your summer staff!

Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: This is an air conditioned facility. Volunteers will sleep in classrooms.

Cafeteria/Kitchens: There is a large cafeteria that can also double as a good fellowship and gaming space.

Showers: There are three outdoor showers per gender, with hot water!

Recreation Space: There is a gymnasium that will be available to volunteers when there are not any sports practices using it. The gym floor will get waxed at some point during the summer, which we will work around. There is plenty of outdoor recreation space on this school’s campus as well!

Closest Medical Facility: Big South Fork Medical Center, 18797 Alberta St, Oneida, TN 37841 (about 10 mins away)


About the Community

One page fact sheet about the county

History of ASP in the County: ASP has served Scott County on and off for a number of years. We work well in Scott County because there is an existing non-profit organization, called the Morgan Scott Project, and they already serve families with many different needs throughout the year. They assist ASP in finding families to assist, and are able to follow up with our work after volunteers leave the area.

Population: 21,947

Terrain: Partially mountainous, partially agricultural.

County Seat: Huntsville

Major Employers: Manufacturing, Prison, School System

Per Capita Income: $18,709

Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 25.5%

Interesting Facts: Scott County is known for having seceded from Tennessee in protest of the state’s decision to join the Confederacy during the Civil War, and subsequently forming The Free and Independent State of Scott.