Washington County TN Center


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Physical Address: Cherokee Elementary School, 2100 Cherokee Road, Johnson City, TN 37604 (map)

Mailing Address: ASP Washington County, General Delivery, Johnson City, TN 37601

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASPWashingtonTN/

Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: There are air conditioned classrooms for sleeping, in addition to one half of the gymnasium. Twin-sized air mattresses and cots will make your stay comfortable!


Cafeteria/Kitchens: There is a large cafeteria that also doubles as recreation space. It’s right next to a small auditorium (remember, this is an elementary school, so sometimes chairs reflect the height of the students!).


Showers: There are outdoor showers, 3 per gender.


Recreation Space: Outdoor field space, a small auditorium, one half of the gymnasium, the cafeteria.


Closest Medical Facility: Johnson City Medical Center (10 minute drive)


About the Community

History of ASP in the County: ASP has used this elementary school on and off over the last decade. It’s in a great location that allows ASP to serve Washington County, but also Carter County, which also contains great need for home repair. Washington County is ASP’s home county – so you’ll be within 15 minutes of the main office and warehouse!


Population: 126,302


Terrain: Mountainous, mixed urban and rural settings


County Seat: Jonesborough, TN


Major Employers: Mountain States Health Alliance (8610), East Tennessee State University (2370), James H. Quillen VA Medical Center (2188), Citi GROUP (1700), Washington County TN Dept of Education (1200)


Per Capita Income: $42,817


Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 18.1%


Interesting Facts: From 1784 through 1788, the county was part of the State of Franklin, an early attempt to create a fourteenth state prior to Kentucky and Vermont’s admissions into the union. It then became part of the Southwest Territory in 1790, and finally, part of Tennessee after it was admitted to the Union in 1796 as the 16th state.[5] Jonesborough, the county seat of Washington County, is Tennessee’s oldest town. With many buildings restored, it comprises one of the nation’s most authentic historic districts of the period 1790–1870.