Wise County VA Center


Email: gro.e1550537726mohps1550537726a@esi1550537726wav1550537726

Physical Address: Appalachia High School, 205 Lee St, Appalachia, Virginia 24216 (Map)

Mailing Address: ASP Wise County, General Delivery, Appalachia, VA 24216

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASPWiseAppalachia

Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: This is not an air conditioned facility. Volunteers will be sleeping in the gymnasium, with access to restrooms and showers in the two locker rooms. ASP recommends volunteers bring fans with them to help keep the space cool; although being set in the mountains will help cool the space at night.


Cafeteria/Kitchens: The cafeteria is in the building next door to the gymnasium. It can also be used as recreation space before/after meals!


Showers: Showers are in the locker rooms inside the gymnasium. There are at least 5 working shower heads per locker room, with hot water! They have been divided up into stalls with curtains from the original group shower set up.


Recreation Space: There may be some partial space in the gymnasium apart from sleep space, however most recreational activity will take place in the cafeteria or outside on the large football field. Almost the entire school’s campus is at ASP’s disposal!


Closest Medical Facility: Lonesome Pine Hospital is 12 minutes away from the center.


About the Community

History of ASP in the County: ASP has served Wise County on and off for many years. We are returning to this facility after having left for a few years (serving in the St. Paul area on the East side of the county), and we are thrilled to be back in the heart of Appalachia!

Population: 39,718 (2015)


Terrain: Mountainous, rolling hills


County Seat: Wise. Yes, the town of Wise is the Wise County seat!


Major Employers: Manual labor/independent contract work, Manufacturing, Food Service


Per Capita Income: $20,896


Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 23.5%


Interesting Facts: Norton, in Wise County, is home of the Best Friend festival each June, where you celebrate friendship for one week!