Charmco, WV Center

Phone: 423-609-5666

Email: gro.e1569058728mohps1569058728a@ocm1569058728rahCV1569058728W1569058728

Physical Address: Greenbrier West High School, 278 Cavalier Dr. Charmco, WV 25958 (map)


Meet your Charmco Summer staff (Left to right): Craig Kreuger, Center Director; Jess Rachel, Finance Coordinator; Johannes Bonwetsch, Operations Coordinator; Katlin Cap, Volunteer Coordinator

Summer Center Info:

Sleeping Quarters: Air-conditioned gymnasium. You will need to bring your own air mattress or cot, pillow and sleeping bag.

Cafeteria/Kitchen: ASP will have access to the school’s cafeteria and kitchen area.

Showers: There are divided, locker room showers located adjacent to the gymnasium.

Recreation Space: There is room for fellowship and games in the cafeteria, on the grounds (several sports fields), and in the gymnasium when sports teams are not practicing.

Closest Medical Facility: Rainelle Medical Center; 176 Medical Center Drive, Rainelle, WV (10 minutes from center). Greenbrier Valley Medical Center; 1320 Maplewood Ave, Ronceverte, WV (closest hospital, 35 minutes from center).


About the Community

One-page fact sheet about the county

On the tourism side, check out some highlights of the area here.

History of ASP in the County: ASP has served in the Meadow River Valley area of Greenbrier County since 2015. After the June 2016 flooding in West Virginia, ASP joined in the Flood Recovery effort, kept the center operational, and placed a year-round staff in the county. For more information, click here

ASP continues to host a Summer Home Repair Program, separate from the flood recovery efforts.

Population: 35,279

Terrain: Mountainous, Meadow River Valley

County Seat: Lewisburg, WV

Major Employers: Sales and Office, WV School of Osteopathic Medicine, Greenbrier Resort, Greenbrier Co Board of Education

Per Capita Income: $22,340

Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 19%

Interesting Facts:  The Meadow River Valley area hosts the Midland Trail (Route 60), a historic scenic byway that runs through the whole state. Greenbrier County is also home to the famous Greenbrier Resort and Golf Course in White Sulphur Springs, which draws tourism and outdoor recreation. It is also home to West Virginia’s governor Jim Justice.