Clay County, WV Center

Phone: 423-609-6828

Email: gro.e1580114193mohps1580114193a@yal1580114193CVW1580114193

Physical Address: Clay County Middle School, 419 Church Street, Clay, WV 25043  (map)


Meet your Clay County staff (Left to Right): Fran Zarcone, Center Director; Kieren Gallagher, Finance Coordinator; Melissa Ollerenshaw, Operations Coordinator; Lydia Savatsky, Volunteer Coordinator

Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: You will sleep in assorted classrooms. You will need to bring your own cot/air mattress, pillow and sleeping bag/sheets.

Cafeteria/Kitchens: There is a school cafeteria and kitchen area.

Showers: Divided showers are available in the locker rooms.

Recreation Space: There is a gym that ASP will share with a variety of sports teams throughout the summer. There is also space in the parking lot for activities.

Closest Medical Facility: Community Care of West Virginia: walk-in clinic in Clay, about 5 minutes away; Braxton County Memorial Hospital: ER in Gassaway, WV about 45 minutes away


About the Community

Info sheet about county

A rural but beautiful community! Check out the WV Tourism website for more information.

History of ASP in the County: We were first in Clay County, WV in 2018. We are excited to return, and the community is excited to have us!

Population: 8,859

Terrain: Mountainous

County Seat: Clay, WV

Major Employers: Coal Mining Companies, Board of Education, Board of Health

Per Capita Income: $16,980

Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 29%

Interesting Facts: Clay County is the origin of the Golden Delicious apple, and the community hosts a Golden Delicious Festival yearly to celebrate their legacy.