Guyan Valley, WV Center

Phone: 304-732-7621

Email: gro.e1596887690mohps1596887690a@yel1596887690laVna1596887690yuGVW1596887690

Physical Address:  7595 R.D. Bailey Highway, Brenton, WV 24818 (map)


Travel Tip: If your GPS is having a hard time registering the address, try the Brenton Fire Department instead. Guyan Valley is right next door.

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More information on your Guyan Valley Staff coming soon!

Center Information

Type: ASP-owned Facility

Sleeping Quarters: Air Conditioned Facility. Volunteers will sleep in rooms with bunk beds. You will need to bring pillows and sleeping bags

Cafeteria/Kitchens: Standard kitchen and cafeteria

Shower Situation: Divided showers are available in each bathroom.

Recreation Space: There is a large yard in the front of the building with plenty of room to play. There is also a river that runs behind the center, not intended for swimming.

Closest Medical Facility: Family Healthcare Associates, 1650 Main St. Pineville, WV (about 15 minutes from center).


About the Community

One-page fact sheet about the county

Find out more information on nearby tourist attractions here.

History of ASP in the County: We first operated out of the Guyan Valley facility in 1996 after acquiring the building from the school board. The building was originally built in 1950.  In addition to our year-round center at Guyan Valley in Wyoming County, we have also operated a summer center in the eastern part of the county for many years.

County Seat: Pineville, WV

Terrain: 500 square miles of mountainous terrain

Population: 21,763

Major Employers: Coal companies, Wyoming County Board of Education, other community resources and retail.

Per Capita Income: $19,000

Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 22%

Interesting Facts: The county was named for the Delaware Indian word meaning “large plains.”