Man, Logan County, WV Center


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Physical Address:  Man High School. 800 E McDonald Ave, Man, WV 25635  (map)


Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: Air conditioned classrooms. You should bring your own air mattresses or cots, pillows, and sleeping bags.


Cafeteria/Kitchens: We will use the school cafeteria and kitchen.


Showers: Divided showers are available in the locker rooms off the gym.


Recreation Space: There is a gym that ASP will share with local basketball teams, and plenty of green space outside.


Closest Medical Facility: Logan General Hospital. 20 Hospital Dr., in Logan.


About the Community

One-page fact sheet about the county

On the tourism side, check out some highlights of the area here.


History of ASP in the County: We have operated temporary summer centers in Logan County reasonably consistently since 2010. These summer centers include a facility in Chapmanville, Logan, and Man. ASP was first in Man in 1998.


Population: 33,700


Terrain: Mountainous


County Seat: Logan, WV


Major Employers: Healthcare, Coal Industries, Sales and Office, Southern WV Community College


Per Capita Income: $20,644


Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 20.2%


Interesting Facts:  In the 1920s Logan County coal miners were highly involved in the “mine wars” and the push to establish unions. One noteworthy episode was the Battle of Blair Mountain. Logan County is home to Chief Logan State Park, a wonderful plot of land that hosts not only trails and picnic areas, but also a history museum, commonly referred to as the Museum in the Park.