Summers County WV Center


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Physical Address:  Summers High School, 37 Bobcat Drive, Hinton, WV 25951  (map)


Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: Air-conditioned classrooms. You will need to bring your own air mattresses or cots, pillows and sleeping bags.

Cafeteria/Kitchens: We will use the school cafeteria and kitchen.

Showers: Divided showers are available in locker rooms off the gym.

Recreation Space: There is plenty of outdoor recreation space, including a track and football field (when teams are not practicing) and other spacious fields. There is also a gym that will be available on nights there are not teams practicing.

Closest Medical Facility: Appalachian Regional Healthcare 1500 Terrace St. in Hinton


About the Community

One-page fact sheet about the county

On the tourism side, check out some highlights of the county and the state.

History of ASP in the County: We have operated summer centers in this county frequently over the past 14 years.

Population: 12,872

Terrain: Mountainous, the New River runs through the county.

County Seat: Hinton, WV

Major Employers: WV Division of Natural Resources, Sales & Retail, Office, Summers County Board of Education, Resort Foodservice Inc.

Per Capita Income: $20,347

Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 26.4%

Interesting Facts: The town of Hinton itself is a national Historic District. Summers county is also home to Bluestone State Park, a beautiful place for outdoor recreation.