College Programs Winter Retreat

February 16-19th, Chavies, Kentucky


Our annual College Programs Winter Retreat is coming up this February in Chavies, KY. We will have hands on learning experiences, chances to meet other Campus Chapter leaders and learn from ASP Summer Staff Alumni, and tons of fun activities planned for you! Some activities to expect include: spending time in fellowship, “loving on Chavies” to help get ready for Spring Break volunteers, conducting IHVs, holding specific trainings to make you a more efficient and effective Campus Chapter, and much more! A more detailed itinerary will be available soon, but for now go ahead and mark your calendars.



Contact our College Team (gro.e1529734172mohps1529734172a@ege1529734172lloc1529734172) with any questions, or to reserve your spot today!

Immersion Breaks


Come serve with ASP during one of your school’s breaks!  Our Year-Round Centers have volunteer opportunities open during Fall, Winter and Spring breaks with your ASP Campus Chapter, other organizations, or even just a group of 4 or more friends who have a passion for service!


Sign up for a trip here.


If you have any questions about volunteering as a college group, contact our College Programs Team (gro.e1529734172mohps1529734172a@ege1529734172lloc1529734172) or our Volunteer Department at (800) 289-4254