Repair Homes in Your

Local Community

Make homes warmer, safer, and drier in your own backyard. Repair homes and transform lives in your community with Appalachia Service Project.

Local Volunteer Program

Appalachia Service Project is a Christian ministry open to all people.

For 50 years, ASP has made homes warmer, safer, and drier through critical home repair, rehabilitation and replacement.  


Critical home repair projects including strengthening foundations, fixing roofs, repairing stairs, digging flood channels, installing insulation, painting and more.


Anyone aged 14 and up. Service groups, college groups, church groups, and individuals. Any adults 19 and over must complete a background check. All youth must be accompanied by adults with a 2:5 adult to youth ratio. 


All across communities in Central Appalachia: Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Check out our service area here.


  • June through August in the entire service area
  • All year in Jonesville, VA; and Johnson City, TN.
Get Started

How can you get involved?

Immersive Week-long Experience: $350 per person*

Sign up to serve for a week alongside out of the area volunteers at one of our summer or year round centers working, eating, playing and sharing fellowship together. *Check out our Scholarship Program

Week-long Volunteer: $100 per person**

Sign up to serve each day for a week (Monday-Friday) jumping in with our immersive experience groups to be a part of the impact ASP has on local communities

Daily Volunteer: $20 per person per day**

Serve as an individual for a day or several days. Contact the staff at your local ASP center to find out more. Availability is determined by the staff based on project needs.

Skilled Volunteers: Helping Hands Program

We will always have a need for licensed plumbers, licensed electricians, and contractors. Our Home Repair Coordinator will work with you to find where your skills can match the needs of our mission. Learn more about the Helping Hands Program here.

Staff and Volunteer Support

Serve our local staff by running errands, preparing a meal for volunteers and staff, maintaining the center, inviting ASP volunteers to church, and assisting with the weekly picnic. It’s always helpful for our staff to have extra support and encouragement, and there are many ways to do so.

** Don’t let Mission Fees stop you from reaching out. Get in touch at