Breathitt, KY Center

Phone: 423-609-6502

Email: gro.e1571523477mohps1571523477a@tti1571523477htaer1571523477BYK1571523477

Physical Address: Jackson City School – 940 Highland Ave. Jackson, KY 41339  (map)



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Meet your 2019 Breathitt County staff (Left to Right): Colin Buesser, Center Director; Reid Jones, Finance Coordinator; Ellie Monson, Operations Coordinator; Julia Stanganelli, Volunteer Coordinator


Center Information

Sleeping Quarters: Air conditioned school classrooms and the gym. You will need to bring air mattresses or cots, pillows, and sleeping bags.


Cafeteria/Kitchens: We utilize the school cafeteria and kitchen.


Showers: We build showers outside that are used throughout the summer.


Recreation Space: Throughout the summer different spaces in the school will be used for recreation and evening gatherings. There is some green space in front of the school.


Closest Medical Facility: Kentucky River Medical Center, 540 Jett Dr. Jackson, KY 41339

About the Community

One-page fact sheet on the county

History of ASP in the County: We have been in Breathitt County for many years. We have used the high school in years past and now utilize the grade school.


Population: 13,878


Terrain: Mountainous


County Seat: Jackson City, KY


Major Employers: Coal Mining


Per Capita Income: 15,574


Percent Living Below Poverty Line: 32.5%


Interesting Facts: During World War I the county filled its quota of service men by volunteers only. They had so many sign up there was no need to instate the draft.


Learn more about the area by visiting the Chamber of Commerce website and visiting the official  Breathitt County, KY website.