Executive Leadership Team

Walter Crouch, President / CEO
Greg DeGennaro, Chief Financial Officer
Melisa Miller, Chief Ministries Officer / Executive Vice President
Emma Clark, Administrative Executive



Accounting & Human Resources


Joni Krise, Accounting Coordinator
Susan Miller, Senior Director of Accounting
Kristie Young, Account Manager


Human Resources

Gail Pond, Director of Human Resources





Sheryl Hartley, Director of Special Projects, Advancement

Dave Kelley, Senior Development Officer
Flossie McCaffrey, Administrative Assistant, Advancement
Lyssa Perry, Senior Director of Advancement
Jim Powell, Senior Development Officer
Hart Teague, Office Manager


Information Technology

Skip Jones, Information Technology Manager


Marketing & Communications

Cara Nagy, Marketing and Communications Manager




Home Repair

Erin Andrews-Sharer, Regional Coordinator
Adam Bean, Home Repair Coordinator / Safety & Quality Assurance Officer
Marie Coffman, Ministries Assistant
Nicole Intagliata, Director of Programs
Laura Kelly, Assistant Director of Programs / Regional Coordinator
Sam Lansinger, Hiring Team Program Manager
Caroline Nowak, Tri-Cities Home Repair Operations Coordinator

Kristina Rowles, Regional Coordinator
Zack Schoettes, Tri-Cities Home Repair Program Coordinator

Julie Thompson, Tri-Cities Office and Grant Compliance Coordinator (for Tri-Cities Home Repair Program and New Build Tri-Cities)

New Build & Disaster Recovery

Chris Dolph, Project Manager
Zeb Volpe, Construction Superintendent


Spiritual Programs

Neal Bowes, Director of Spiritual Programs

Fleet & Warehouse

Carl Cunningham, Fleet & Warehouse Manager
Brick Smith, Warehouse Coordinator




Sarah Dingus, Volunteer Specialist–Summer Program
Karen Frederick, Senior Director of Volunteers
Julie Knoblock, Volunteer Assistant–Year-Round Program

Jen Rickert, Volunteer Experience Coordinator



ASP Fellows

Jonesville, Virginia

Annalee Posey

Becky Frese

Jacob Hartzler

Bethany Shaw


Johnson City, Tennessee

Noah Gaylor

Kevin Still

Cameron Perry