ASP's College Programs

ASP's College Programs

Appalachia Service Project’s College Programs connect young adults across the United States with opportunities to enact change in collegiate communities through essential home repair and engage with the Appalachian region through advocacy and service, all while equipping students with skills of leadership, entrepreneurship, management, organization and service.  College Programs include ASP-affiliated Campus Chapters across the United States carrying out ASP’s mission, college-oriented Fall, Winter and Immersion Break trips with our Year-Round Program, and advocacy for Central Appalachia, the issue of substandard housing, and the need for volunteer service.

ASP Campus Chapters


Appalachia Service Project’s Campus Chapters aim to inspire leadership, entrepreneurship, and lives of Christian service through the organization and execution of home repair for low-income families in their immediate collegiate communities, as well as advocacy for and service to the people of Central Appalachia.


Nationally affiliated with Appalachia Service Project, chapters will use ASP’s model for home repair to connect with community partners, recruit volunteers, and plan their own projects. ASP Campus Chapters provide students with the opportunity to grow as impactful leaders through experiences outside the classroom and to build relationships with ASP volunteers and other campus chapters across the country.  ASP currently has 15 registered on-campus affiliates across the country and are growing rapidly.


Learn more about launching and running a chapter at your campus here.

ASP Immersion Trips


Appalachia Service Project’s Immersion Breaks provide college students the opportunity to spend their time away from campus in an impactful and purposeful way with our Year-Round home repair programs throughout Central Appalachia for Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks that will truly make a difference.


Students that serve with ASP will do more than just construction; they will also connect with and learn about the Appalachian community they are serving in and will be part of a long-term effort to eradicate substandard housing in the region. Students will arrive on Sunday afternoon or evening, and depart the following Saturday morning.  Students will also be engaging in programing each evening to discuss, learn and engage with the issues of social justice, poverty alleviation, and addressing substandard housing.  Immersion Breaks with ASP focus on pairing service with thoughtful reflection.  We seek to inspire college students to find a love of service by discovering where their gifts and talents intersect the existing needs in the world.  All backgrounds and points of view are welcome.


Learn more about taking a trip with ASP here.