Appalachia Service Project Campus Chapters

Appalachia Service Project’s Campus Chapters inspire students to lives of Christian service and leadership through home repair for low-income families in Central Appalachia and back in their home communities. ASP’s founder, Tex Evans, always said: “We’d love for all ASP volunteers to come back each summer, but if they don’t because they have started this in their own community, we’d love that even more”.  Our Campus Chapters seek to provide young adults with a chance to continue and share the transformational experience they’ve had in Appalachia with their surrounding collegiate community.


Now it’s in 49th year, ASP has relied on college-aged young adults to operate its Summer/Youth Program by guiding groups of volunteers through their home repair service project and providing Christian leadership. These summer staffers gain significant skills in organization, leadership, and volunteer management. ASP also attracts several college students as volunteers during our Year Round Program. ASP’s College Programs will continue to engage and re-engage these summer staffers, college volunteers, and past youth program volunteers with service and help them gain valuable skills in community outreach.


ASP Campus Chapters are student-led, campus-based organizations. Each chapter is nationally affiliated with Appalachia Service Project and follows ASP’s model for home repair projects in their local community. Students involved with each chapter will:


  • Distribute Home Repair Applications in their local community in order to find families to serve through construction repair work
  • Conduct initial home visits (IHVs) with families that have submitted applications, select homes and projects to be completed, and carry out all project planning and construction management
  • Recruit volunteers within their community to volunteer their time to work on these projects
  • Host fundraisers and gain community sponsorship in order to raise the funds necessary to complete their projects
  • Serve their community in other ways that promote service and social justice
  • Look into recruiting and carrying out a trip to one of ASP’s Year Round centers during the fall, winter, or spring
  • Recruit potential summer staffer applicants
  • Recruit local churches as potential ASP volunteers



Start a Chapter at Your School


If you are interested in launching an ASP Campus Chapter at your school, please take the following steps:


ASP College Programs
4523 Bristol Hwy
Johnson City, TN 37601

  • Begin recruiting, networking, fundraising, and raising awareness about your Campus Chapter.  Check out the Chapter Resources that ASP offers for these tasks to get started.
  • You may also request in-person trainings from ASP about how to get started anytime along this process, we train in launching, connecting with community partners, recruiting, fundraising, project planning, and more.  Email our team at gro.e1529734136mohps1529734136a@ege1529734136lloc1529734136 for more information or to schedule a training.


Email us with any questions that you may have, or reference our Resources Page and our Frequently Asked Questions.



Current ASP Campus Chapters

Appalachian State University

Belmont University

Drake University

East Tennessee State University

George Mason University

Kent State University

North Carolina State University

Union College

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

University of Tennessee

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Virginia Tech

Western Carolina University