Thus you shall salute him: “Peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have.”

ASP's 2019 Theme — Be The Peace — encourages us to seek God's peace where it may be found— within ourselves, within our communities, within our world. We are agents of peace wherever we go.

How will you Be the Peace in 2019?

Intro (Start Here)

Overview of ASP's theme and pre-trip sessions leading up to Summer 2019

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Session One

Uncover goals, begin forming a team, and reflect on this year's theme

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Session Two

Reflect on various ways people seek peace for themselves.

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Session Three

Consider the challenging daily choices faced by the people of Appalachia.

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Session Four

Gain safe experience with tools & techniques and practice ASP's three S's.

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Session Five

Establish guidelines for how your group will interact with each other, the staff, and others.

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Session Six

Facilitate a conversation between parents and trip participants about their goals

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Send Off Service

Celebrate and send off your group in the Service for Commissioning

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Post-Service Debrief

Reflect as a team on your week of service and discuss what's next in your Call to Action

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All Sessions

All six sessions in one document.

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Did you know that ASP launched a Scholarship program? If you have group members that cannot attend ASP due to financial reasons, click the button below and apply on their behalf so they can serve with you in 2018!

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