Transformational Summer Mission Trips


Summer Program: June – August


ASP is open all summer for volunteers of all ages (completed 8th grade and up). Bring your youth, college, and adult groups to Appalachia to make homes warmer, safer, and drier.  You’ll return home with volunteers who are stronger, wiser, and closer to God.


ASP provides one of the most rewarding structured service opportunities in the nation for youth ages 14-18 and their leaders. ASP takes much of the burden of logistics off of you and frees you to minister to the hearts and minds of your group.


We’ll provide you with plans for the preparation phase from church program tips, to fundraising tools, to study materials to help your group learn about Appalachian culture. Getting ready for ASP will be a high point of your year — an exciting goal that rallies families and draws people closer together.


When you arrive for your week of service, you’ll be housed in one of ASP’s several base camps — often a school or community center rented for the summer to put you closer to Appalachia’s remote communities. The ASP staff will provide guidance on the overall direction of your project.  All tools and construction materials will be provided, not to mention three meals a day and plenty of opportunities for worship and reflection.


ASP is more than a building program though: it’s a relationship ministry. Your group will spend time interacting with the family they’ve been assigned to serve. They’ll forge friendships that will impact them for the rest of their lives, and they’ll learn lessons that will enrich their faith and build character for the rest of their lives.


Armed with a new heart for service, they will begin to give back to their own families, to your program, and to your community. For many, this experience is the first step towards a lifelong vocation of caring for and serving others.