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Regional Coordinator – Eastern Kentucky




The Regional Coordinator position is part of the Ministries Department, and is responsible for coordinating the home repair program within an identified geographic area.  The Regional Coordinator is involved in networking within communities to establish center facilities and families to serve; training staff; assessing volunteer and staff experiences; and overall management of the summer home repair program.  Additionally, the Regional Coordinator will manage the staff of the year-round facility(s) within the region, and supervise summer staff.  The specific Regional Coordinator position’s duties will be discussed during the interview process.  The Regional Coordinator is directly responsible to the Director of Programs.


This position is flexible in regards to location. While ASP is headquartered in Johnson City, TN, the Regional Coordinator position could be located closer to the designated county set up communities (Eastern Kentucky) such as Pikeville, Hazard, Barbourville, etc.  This position is scheduled to work on a salaried basis.  Irregular hours will be required and, if so, will be scheduled in advance by the employee’s supervisor.  This position requires extensive travel throughout the designated region and may also include monthly visits to ASP Headquarters in Johnson City, TN if residing in the field.  Requirements for irregular hours will be discussed with the prospective employee prior to hiring.


General Responsibilities


County Set-Up:

  • Secure facility lease agreements to house volunteers & staff in each county
  • Hire and orient cooks to prepare meals during the summer program
  • Coordinate with community contacts to collect home repair applications
  • Compile county information and submit pieces for annual volunteer mailing (mailing compiled by Volunteer Department)
  • Update county profile to be provided to Center Directors (CDs)
  • Facilitate home selection utilizing volunteers and seasonal staff
  • Obtain necessary permits for housing volunteers
  • Ensure housing facilities meet housing standards


Staff Training:

  • Assist in the planning and facilitation of Center Director and Center Staff Training; to include scheduling, session planning, and contacting speakers


Staff Supervision:

  • Visit summer centers bi-weekly throughout summer
  • Provide written and verbal feedback of each center staff and performance
  • Provide thorough written evaluations on each CD
  • Process staff and volunteer experience through examination of staff evaluations; plan for adjustments and improvements for future summers
  • Ensure all counties end program years with balanced budget
  • Possibly mentor a Summer Program Manager providing support and guidance through regular weekly meetings, and report status of Summer Program Manager’s Centers to the Director of Programs
  • Manage year-round staff/fellows to the same standards listed about


Year-Round Facility Upkeep:

  • Oversee facility upkeep for the assigned year-round facilities
  • Propose center upgrades and/or improvements to the Director of Programs and oversee subcontracted and/or volunteer labor
  • Maintain facility maintenance manuals and information regarding updates or improvements made to the facility


Community Networking & Marketing:

  • Network within communities to establish and maintain contacts
  • Host or attend meetings with community contacts to promote ASP’s home repair ministry
  • Provide information to local media outlets (refer to Philanthropy Dept.)
  • Meet with community and facility contacts to evaluate summer program following each summer
  • Identify and communicate regularly with members of the Community Advisory Council (CAC) and assist in the implementation of actions based on CAC meetings and requests
  • Travel extensively throughout region as necessary



  • Maintain thorough electronic and hard-copy documentation for each county
  • Communicate relevant updates to Ministries Department regularly
  • Meet assigned deadlines for all tasks and projects
  • Seek out applicable training opportunities to enhance skill and knowledge
  • Adhere to overall departmental budget guidelines
  • Prepare for and participate in ongoing evaluation process





  • Desire to work in a Christian environment
  • Highly motivated, self-starter, creative, problem-solver, dedicated
  • Management experience
  • Computer literacy
  • Experience in community networking and development
  • Responsible work habits as outlined in ASP’s Interpersonal Standards Agreement
  • Valid driver’s license and driving record that is acceptable to ASP’s insurer
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Flexibility to work unusual hours seasonally
  • Ability to work on a team and independently



  • Willing to make a three-year commitment to the Appalachia Service Project
  • Basic construction knowledge and experience
  • Experience with youth camps or service trips
  • Experience with ASP summer staff


To Apply:


To apply for the Regional Coordinator position, please submit a resume and cover letter to the Director of Programs, Nicole Intagliata at gro.e1490870510mohps1490870510a@ata1490870510ilgat1490870510ni.el1490870510ocin1490870510. Please apply by March 17th to receive full consideration. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and the ideal start date for this position is early April.