Staffer in Training (SIT) 

ASP’s Staffer in Training (SIT) program allows those interested in applying for summer staff to see firsthand what a week in the life of the staff looks like.  SITs go through a week shadowing a staff team. They will do site visits, eat meals with volunteers, sit in on nightly staff meetings, and more. Going through the SIT program is a great way to get a real picture of the responsibilities of a summer staffer. SITs are evaluated by the staff at the end of the week, and this evaluation will contribute to a SIT’s formal summer staff application if they choose to apply. SIT applicants should have significant interest in being on staff. This week should not be used as just another volunteer opportunity. SITs are expected to act more like staffers than volunteers. We’re looking for energized, passionate, and flexible candidates who want to learn what it is like to be a staffer and are willing to help the staff in any way possible. To be eligible to be a SIT, individuals must be 18 (or turning 18 over the summer) and have graduated from high school.


Below is a Staffer in Training Manual with additional information, expectations and the schedule for the SIT week. The last page is an acknowledgement form that, if accepted into the program, each SIT will need to bring with them to the center.




Applicants will need to submit week requested, state/region requested, and an up-to-date resume.  If you have any questions, please email the Hiring Program Managers at gro.e1594138146mohps1594138146a@tne1594138146mtiur1594138146cerff1594138146ats1594138146